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For two decades NEMMG has provided hundreds of medical practices across the United States medical billing and collection services. Our experienced team of medical billing specialists have implemented solutions that serve as cornerstones for improving practice performance in areas such as physician productivity, staffing, operating costs, charges and medical revenue, accounts receivable and collections, and industry compliance.

Medical Billing

We specialize in full service medical billing management for practitioners, physician groups, and medical practices and facilities.

  • Medical billing
  • Credentialing services
  • Coding and auditing support
  • Industry compliance

Performance Reporting

We provide real-time claim status review and claim collection performance reporting, so you always have full transparency about your medical billing and claim collections.

  • Live claim access through web based billing solution
  • Detailed and actionable performance reporting
  • 100% transparency

Virtual Office

We see ourselves as an extension of your medical practice and adapt to your business processes. We communicate with the doctor, staff, patients, and insurance providers with highest professional conduct and integrity. We are here to help – any time you need us.

  • Process adaption and integration
  • Availability and short response time
  • Patient communication

Simplify Your Billing Process

We transform a complex, administrative and time consuming, difficult to manage, and confusing billing process and simplify it, so you can focus your time and resources on patient care.