We specialize in full service medical billing while providing practitioners and medical practices with industry best practice, maximum transparency and control. We have in-depth experience in managing billing for a variety of specialties. Our typical process is as follows:

1First, we assess your existing processes and systems.

We will adapt to the way you work best and, based on our initial assessment, suggest improvements to streamline and optimize the billing process. You have the choice to either keep your existing billing software and we will create a seamless and hassle-free interface, or to utilize our cloud-based, state-of-the-art, and industry compliant EHR and PM software package.

  • Seamless integration with your practice
  • Workflow that integrates with your existing systems and processes
  • Secure and HIPAA compliant data exchange
  • Cost-effective, leading-edge software
  • Free coaching¬†to help you and your staff become expert users

2As a next step we carefully review charges prior to submission for completeness, correct codes and modifiers to ensure full payment.

We follow strict internal guidelines and best practice when reviewing charges prior to submission. We will work closely with you in situations when revisions are needed.

  • Compile your procedure and diagnostic codes
  • Review all charges prior to submission
  • As needed, recommend appropriate codes and modifiers
  • Scanning and electronic file sharing for non-EHR produced data
  • Reduce potential for claim denials

3Then we send out statements, track claims, diligently follow-up on account receivables to ensure you are receiving timely and maximum reimbursement.

This part of the billing process requires execution excellence. Timely claim submission and consistent, pro-active follow-up are critical to drive financial performance for our clients. If needed, we appeal denials to ensure full payment.

  • Appeals and denials are relentlessly pursued to resolution
  • Efficient electronic statements and exchange of EOBs
  • Persistent insurance accounts receivable follow-up
  • Minimize accounts receivable and maximize your cash-flow
  • Reimbursement payments are sent directly to your office or bank account