“Can NEMMG really make that big of a difference to my practice?”

If hard dollar savings (think tens of thousands of dollars) and lowering the administrative burden on your practice are important to you, then yes. We can make a significant difference. Guaranteed.

Medical billing is our sole focus and core expertise. We strive to continually set the bar higher for our providers and medical practices and increase their revenue, lower costs, and improve cash-flow.

Where We Excel

  • Maximize your practice income and cash flow
  • Optimize your staffing needs and utilization
  • Scale efficiently and effectively as you grow your practice
  • Our experienced specialists help identify and remedy common areas for errors that result in lower collections or claim denials
  • Reduce your administrative burden, staff turnover and utilize your available office space to treat more patients
  • Provide access to state-of-the-art EMR and PM software
  • Comply with complex and frequently changing industry and payor requirements
  • Enable you to focus your time and resources on delivering exceptional patient service

Our Difference

  • Average 95 to 99% Net Collection Rate
  • Average 2% or less Claim Denial Rate
  • Average 7-18 days to get claims paid
  • 15% or less Accounts Receivable of 60+ days outstanding (not including Worker’s Compensation or¬†Personal Injury claims)
  • 95%+ of claims accepted on first submission