What Do Our Clients Say?

On average, our clients experience a 15% or greater increase in medical revenue and cash flow. Streamlining our client’s processes with front-office staff and utilizing technology leads to time and cost savings of as much as 25%.

“I have been affiliated with NEMMG for about 10 years. During those years I have developed considerable faith in the effectiveness of your company. Your team’s success and efficiency in getting billing done quickly has made a great impact on my cash flow and helped me stay current with the administrative aspects of my practice.”

Dr. Theo Manschreck

“The staff has been extremely helpful and personable, always willing and able to answer any questions or concerns we may have. They also monitor our account continuously, evaluating ways to better handle our account and ensuring that we are billing our codes correctly. Our services and collections are up and we receive the money from the insurance companies on a timely basis. Thank you New England Medical Management.”

Dr. William Byrnes

“NEMMG provides me everything they promise and more. In fact, their services have more than paid for themselves just by the increased collections that they have provided. NEMMG has made practice fun again!.”

Dr. Christopher Mascetta

“The Management Team is pleasant, helpful, timely and always available. I am shocked to receive a check on a case I worked on a year ago. The group is persistent yet professional in every way.”

Dr. Charles Lerner

“Since changing our accounts receivable and medical billing to New England Medical Management from another billing company, we have observed a significant positive change in our accounts receivable. Payment turnover has been reduced by 60%. A wide variety of management reports makes the end of the month analysis very time efficient. It is truly a team approach with a highly trained and dedicated staff that we can turn to for assistance.”

Carol Tschirpke, RPT

“I have been a client of New England Medical Management Group for 9 years and have been very happy with their knowledge and services. I find it much more cost effective than having an employee in my office dedicated to billing. I wish they had been around when I started my practice.”

Dr. Don Gentile

“After having my previous billing service nearly run my business into the ground, NEMMG is the sole reasons why I have not only been able to keep my doors open, but have begun to turn a positive cash flow and sleep at night. Thank you for enhancing my life!”

Dr. Mark Sofia